Sunsets and Songs

poster of the exhibition

Angel Gerdzhikov, Travelers

Angel Gerdzhikov, Landscape II

a solo exhibition of paintings by Angel Gerdzhikov

10 – 30 October 2019

Opening reception – Thursday, 10 October 2019, 6:30 pm

On Thursday, October 10th, at 6:30 pm Largo Art Gallery will hold an opening reception of a solo exhibition of paintings by the beloved and iconic artist Angel Gerdzhikov. Angel is one of ten artists awarded the prize “Artist of the decade 2008 – 2018 of Largo Gallery” and this will be his fourth solo appearance in “Largo”.

Angel is well known and loved by the Varna audience for his fairy tales told in his paintings with warm, vibrant, sparkling colors. With this exhibition Angel celebrates his 50th birthday. The exhibition is called "Sunsets and Songs" because, true to its favorite subject, the artist has once again interwoven poetry and music into his works for those of us who have the senses to hear it.

From a distant year ago to the time when Angel was painting for an exhibition several works dedicated to Orpheus, his interest in topics related to music and musicians arose. Later, the characters of ancient Greek mythology disappear from the paintings to give way to more generalized images, but the theme of music remains. Thus, over the years, his paintings have been populated with musicians, poets, thinkers, travelers and collectors of wonders. He is excited by eternal human values ​​- freedom, the fields of imagination, the journey (in a dream or in reality), the urge for creativity.

And in this exhibition Angel’s characters are again dreamers, contemplators, observers, storytellers. Disassociated from the petty topics of being, they seem to be the embodiment of the joy of life, reminding us that truly valuable and important things for each of us can only be created by ourselves.

Looking at the works of the exhibition, we will remember that gazing at the moon on a warm summer night is magical ("A new song for the moon"), sharing the moment with a like- minded friend is unforgettable ("Window in a dream"), and the step before taking the long road ahead is priceless (Travelers).

We look forward to seeing you the opening reception of the exhibition on October 10, 2019 at 6:30 pm at Largo Art Gallery, Varna, 8 Han Krum Street. Come and enjoy the Angel’s paintings that bring a magical melody that brings us into a good, peaceful, idyllic world.

You can read more about Angel and his previous exhibitions in Largo Art Gallery in section "Artists" on the gallery's website.

Nelly Valcheva,gallerist