"Roses and Lions" hosted by the National school of arts "Dobri Hristov", Varna


Presenting "Roses and Lions" in the National school of arts "Dobri Hristov" in Varna.

The exhibit was first shown in May 2019 at the Palazzo Lombardia - the seat of the Lombardia Regional Government in Milano. It was the opening event of the Fifth International Exlibris Meeting, held in May in Varese, Italy within the 10th International Exlibris Contest biblioteca Bodio Lomnago.

On 14th of August the exhibition was shown in Largo Art Gallery...

Current Exhibition:

Fragments of Heaven

solo exhibition of paintings by Tsvetan Lazarov

On Wednesday, November 06th, 2019, at 6:30 pm Largo Art Gallery will present Tsvetan Lazarov with an exhibition of paintings entitled "Fragments of Heaven". This is his fourth solo appearance in the Largo gallery. Tsvetan is one of the ten artists awarded with the prize “Artist of the Decade 2008 - 2018 of Largo Art Gallery”.

This exposition is like a sequel to a story. Just a week ago, Tsvetan's exhibition in Sofia, entitled "Adam’s Rib", ended. Some of the artworks,shown in that exhibition,alongwith new ones specially painted for Varna, form the new exhibition, whose title is inspired by the further development of the themes covered in his previous solo expression - prototype and continuation, uniformity and difference, unity and division, fragmentation and unification , the endless overflow of worlds.

In Tsvetan Lazarov's solo show “Fragments of Heaven”, we will enjoy the philosophical existential pursuits of the artist in a series of works filled with unearthly, disembodied female images, vital, expressive still lifes and carved, structured landscapes. We look forward to welcoming you to the opening reception on November 6, 2019 from 6:30 pm at Largo Art Gallery, Varna, 8 Han Krum Street. For more information, see the gallery's website at

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Sunsets and Songs

solo exhibition of paintings of Angel Gerdzhikov

On Thursday, October 10th, at 6:30 pm Largo Art Gallery will hold an opening reception of a solo exhibition of paintings by the beloved and iconic artist Angel Gerdzhikov. Angel is one of ten artists awarded the prize “Artist of the decade 2008 – 2018 of Largo Gallery” and this will be his fourth solo appearance in “Largo”.

Angel is well known and loved by the Varna audience for his fairy tales told in his paintings with warm, vibrant, sparkling colors. With this exhibition Angel celebrates his 50th birthday. The exhibition is called "Sunsets and Songs" because, true to its favorite subject, the artist has once again interwoven poetry and music into his works for those of us who have the senses to hear it.

We look forward to seeing you the opening reception of the exhibition on October 10, 2019 at 6:30 pm at Largo Art Gallery, Varna, 8 Han Krum Street. Come and enjoy the Angel’s paintings that bring a magical melody that brings us into a good, peaceful, idyllic world.

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