History of Largo Art Gallery

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Largo Art Gallery was founded in Varna, Bulgaria on November 27, 2008 by two enthusiasts that love art - Nelly Valcheva and Jordan Petkov. It is a family project and has been developed over the years by its two founders with great love and dedication. The gallery presents contemporary art and works with artists from all over the world and from all generations.

Our mission is to support the revival of spirituality in Bulgarian society, as art is an ancient human need, and through our work we make it accessible to everyone. Our goal is to contribute to the popularization of the names and works of talented Bulgarian artists and to be able to touch the hearts of as many people as possible through their artworks.

Largo Art Gallery is actively participates with its rich program in the cultural life of Varna city and the country with its substantial exhibition calendar and with organizing interesting cultural events and projects. Read more about them in the Projects section. The gallery actively partners with cultural institutions from Varna, the country and abroad in the creation of sustainable and innovative cultural practices.

The team of Largo Art Gallery carefully selects the artists it works with and presents them in its exhibition halls and online platforms. The three most important criteria for us in selecting artists are:

- to create with extreme passion and love;
- to fit well into our Art Depot, in the character and style of the gallery;
- to create their works with dedication and respect for their work and the audience.

The gallery's policy also includes supporting young, unknown artists, as long as their work meets these criteria.

Largo Art Gallery would be happy to partner with any private or public gallery, museum or other cultural institution to promote the various forms of contemporary art together.

Nelly Valcheva, Director and owner