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From July 1, 2012 Largo Art Gallery got its own home, located in the heart of Varna, in its most artistic and prestigious part - the Greek neighborhood- a place, bringing together the good energies of the past and the energy of the present. The gallery is a few meters from the Roman baths, 5 minutes walk from the Sea Garden and the center of Varna, in an area with many cultural and architectural landmarks. See on the map how to reach us.

The gallery spreads over 155 square meters, including two large halls on the ground floor and the lower level, an office and a depot. The upper level is on the ground floor of a corner building, facing two streets with huge windows, 2.50 meters high and 15 meters long. This helps to expose the paintings in beautiful daylight and provides access to the exhibited works even during non-working hours of the gallery. Thanks to an innovative architectural solution, the basement hall also has natural daylight, but at the same time has a more chamber and cozy space, used for permanent exhibition of works from the gallery depot.