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Angel  Gerdzhikov  is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and you can see that he belongs to the famous Plovdiv’s art group just by looking at his canvases: the colors and composition are showing maturity and development of the artist that are beyond standards. His compositions are developed with a brilliant combination of accuracy and balance, in the pictures you can see movement and rhythm, topics are shown through many symbols and characters. The artist draws in his paintings the world as he would want it to be. And this world is tender, quiet and harmonic, filled with softness and lightness, filled with melody. The characters are poets and musicians, acrobats and vagrants, different in their own way, but similar in that they all look-up rushing. Their souls are floating in the clouds, their dreams are flying in the sky… Weightless and filled with harmony, they are ready to take off and fly, showing us the artist’s dream of a world, full of music and carelessness.

Angel Gerdzhikov was born in 1969 in Plovdiv. In 1995 he graduated in the university “Saints Cyril and Methodius” in Veliko Tarnovo majoring in painting. He has 20 solo exhibitions and participation in many different art projects.  His works are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria, France, Belgium and others. He is awarded with the prize "Artist of the decade 2008 - 2018 of Largo Art Gallery" . He lives and works in Plovdiv.

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