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Dimo Kolibarov was born on February 27, 1965 in Pomorie, Bulgaria. In 1984 he graduated from the High School of Arts "Tsanko Lavrenov" in Plovdiv, and in 1996 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts - Sofia with a degree in "Graphics". He is currently an associate professor in the Graphics Department at the National Academy of Arts, where he teaches Graphics and Composition. Member of UBA. Dimo Kolibarov has participated in numerous international exhibitions and competitions in Bulgaria, Japan, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Portugal, China, Korea, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania, Great Britain, Romania. He has dozens of solo exhibitions and participations in international exhibitions, some of which are: Museum of Graphics, Bathsheben, Germany, Museum of Graphics, Istanbul, Turkey, Marriott, Hamburg, Germany; Victor Emmanuel Gallery, Milan, Italy; in Bulgaria: Rakursi Gallery and Lik Gallery - Sofia; Dyakov Gallery - Plovdiv; Spring Gallery and Nessie Gallery - Burgas. He has solo exhibitions in France - Strasbourg; Germany - Passau, Salzwek; Japan - Otaru, Belgium - Hasselt, Antwerp. Assoc. Prof. Kolibarov is a laureate of numerous awards: Jury Award at the International Triennial of Graphics, Bitola, Macedonia (2012), First Prize for Ex Libris, Beijing, China (2012), Graphics Award from the National Exhibition "Friends of the Sea", Burgas (2012), Special Jury Prize at the International Biennial of Graphics, Varna (2011), Jury Prize at the International Graphic Triennial, Sofia (2011), First Prize for Small Format Graphics, Milan, Italy (2008), Special Prize for exlibris, Bodio Lomnago, Italy (2008), Diploma from the International Print Triennial “Mini print”, Vilnius, Lithuania (2007), Grand Prix at the International Triennial “Mini Print”, Tokyo, Japan (2002) and others. Dimo Kolibarov is Chairman of the Jury of the second and third editions of the International ExLibris Competition Varna. He lives and works in Sofia and Burgas.

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