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Svetoslav Kosev graduated from the Secondary Special Art School of Applied Arts in Troyan, Bulgaria, majoring in ceramics in 1991. He graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo St. St. Cyril and Methodius in 1998 with a degree in Graphics in the class of Prof. Hristo Neykov. Works in the field of three-dimensional graphics, graphic design, poster, painting, stained glass, spatial design and all contemporary forms of visual art. Member of the art group "Co-Interaction" together with Atanas Markov and Simeon Zhelev. He has had many solo shows in Bulgaria and abroad, some of which: Presentation of video installation - "Metamorphoses" in Veliko Tarnovo and Varna (1998), Presentation of projects "Interactive Generative Formations" and "Virtual Arena", Escuela de Arte de Murcia, Murcia, Spain (2019), "INTERACTION WITH A TECHNOLOGICAL ORGANISM" - a joint event with Atanas Markov in the exhibition halls "Rafael Mihailov", Veliko Tarnovo (2019), "The Incarnations of the Book" - a joint event with Simeon Zhelev in exhibition halls "Raphael Mihailov", Veliko Tarnovo (2021), "INTERACTION WITH IMAGINARY REALITY" - a joint project with Atanas Markov, presented at DOZA Gallery - Sofia, Sofia University "Emilian Stanev", Veliko Tarnovo and exhibition Rafael Mihailov ”, Veliko Tarnovo (2021). He regularly participates in joint art exhibitions, biennials and triennials in various fields of art, some of which are: International Poster Triennial - Lahti, Finland (2003), ArtRosaliada - Exhibition of teachers and students from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Veliko Tarnovo ( 2012 - 2019), Autumn Salon of Veliko Tarnovo Artists - Veliko Tarnovo (2004 - 2019) and others. He is the winner of the Award for Computer Graphics in the section "Abstraction" - X competition of Corel draw, Canada (2000) and the Award of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo in the National Exhibition of Artists - Teachers, Veliko Tarnovo - (2009). He lives and works in Veliko Tarnovo.

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