Theatrical etudes

04. - 17.06.2009

Theatrical etudes

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Portrait of my daughter with theatrical costume, Lora Marinova / Largo Art Gallery

Portrait of my daughter with theatrical costume

Lora Marinova

Portrait of Toni Ignatov, Krasen Berbenkov / Largo Art Gallery

Portrait of Toni Ignatov

Krasen Berbenkov

Portrait of Mihail Mutafov, Marina Varentsova- Ruseva / Largo Art Gallery

Portrait of Mihail Mutafov

Marina Varentsova- Ruseva

Portrait of Mihail Mutafov

Vesselin Kostadinov

Portrait of Krikor Azarian

Todor Ignatov

Portrait of Ivailo Hristov

Yavor Vitanov

Portrait of Luben Chatalov

Nikolai Rusev

Portrait of Luben Chatalov

Galina Litvin- Kostadinova

Joro (Portrait of Georgi Velchovski)

Milen Marinov

Portrait of Georgi Kalojanchev

Kostadin Petkov-Koceto


Marina Varentsova- Ruseva

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