Cycle "Spolia"

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The artist from Plovdiv Rumen Nechev participates in the international group exhibition "Graphics and drawings" at Largo Art Gallery with his cycle "Spolia" for which he received the Plovdiv Award for Fine Arts in 2013. He shares his his idea behing the cycle:

Spolia (Latin spolium) - Architectural part and / or material of an ancient building, which is preserved during the change / restoration / upgrade of the building. They are seen as Trophies - "To destroy and build - inexplicable passions. Destruction is an act of superiority, self-affirmation of the stronger than the previous one. The destroyer is the winner. But the trophies are never enough. Greatness must be built - albeit with the remains of the vanquished. Spolia - the strange building of losers and winners .... "

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